How to Attract Your Desires

You CAN attract everything you want using the law of attraction... you just have to learn how to attract your desires...

Like so many of us, you may be struggling with attracting what you want into your life using the law of attraction. I am no different. I have known about the law of attraction for years and I’m still not rich, successful and thin. That doesn't mean that the law of attraction isn't working though. The law of attraction is always working. You always attract what you are focusing on.

You may not realize the many ways that you are attracting the opposite of what you want. The reason that you don’t already have something that you want is always because you are resisting it.

What Is Resistance?

Resistance is what is keeping you away from your desires. When you doubt that you will have your desires then you are resisting your desires. When you are jealous, angry, upset, stressed etc. then you are resisting what you desire. When you are happy, excited and grateful then you are not resisting what you desire. Then you are attracting it.

This is what happens when you are experiencing a negative feeling; when you are resisting what you desire. You move further and further away from your desire and closer and closer to the opposite of that, your fears of what bad things might happen:

So as you can see you are not going to attract what you want while you are experiencing negative feelings!

So here is what happens when you are experiencing positive feelings; when you are happy and excited about life. You move far away from any fear and closer and closer to your desire:

It's like going with the flow. When you are happy you are just flowing effortlessly towards everything you want.

You don’t have to necessarily focus on what you desire to attract it. Let’s say for example that you want a brand new Mercedes, but when you try to attract it using tools like visualization it doesn't make you feel good, it may make you feel lacking. It may make you feel like you don’t have it. That might make you feel sad and resentful and even angry. This is resistance. So then focusing on it is making you resist it and therefore not attract it.

So What To Do?...

What you can do when this happens is focus on anything that makes you happy. It can be something about a Mercedes that makes you feel happy. For example it may make you feel good to think how grateful you are that they exist and you can feel grateful for all the people who dedicate their life’s work to making the Mercedes cars. You can also not focus on the Mercedes at all.

You are probably thinking "If I don’t focus on it then I won’t attract it" This is not necessarily true. You can attract what you want without constantly thinking about it. The universe knows you, it knows what you want. If you focus on being happy then you will start attracting what you want. Not just happiness. You will not be happy and poor just because you never thought about money. You will attract money because (and if) that is what you want.

And you will attract the Mercedes because that is what you want.

Just Be Happy

Just be happy. The simplest way I can tell you how to attract what you want can be summed up in one simple sentence: just be happy. When you are happy you are attracting everything that makes you happy. That’s why you don’t have to worry about not attracting the right stuff. If you are happy then you will attract all those things because they are the things that make you happy. So of course they will start to show up in your life when you are happy!

The reason why this works is because when you feel happy you are pulling yourself towards your desires. When you are angry, sad, etc. you are resisting what you want and pulling yourself away from what you want (Just like in the two pictures I showed you before.)

You can either float freely towards everything you want, or harshly pull yourself away from everything you want. That’s what resistance is. And so the cure for resistance is being happy.

Being happy is so simple. You don’t need anything to be happy. You can be happy right now without having everything you want. Appreciate everything you have already and start looking for the beauty and all the good in the world, instead of focusing on the lack. You will start attracting a beautiful life. And more importantly, you will start seeing how beautiful your life already is.

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